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CSET Study Guide

Just because you have excellent grades at college does not mean you will score well on the CSET.

The CSET does not measure academic performance, but The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) uses the CSET to make sure people have met their requirements. So even if you achieved high grades at university, does not mean that you will pass the CSET.

This CSET study guide is a study guide written by experts who researched the CSET content areas and essential skills critical to study for the CSET.

CSET Study Secrets employee strict standards, to provide the best CSET test prep material.

CSET test preparation does not have to be about increasing intellectual ability. CSET Study Secrets have found that there are a few methods to improve test scores through careful CSET test prep.

Teaching the material, instead of teaching the test is a common mantra for most study guides. Improving your score does not mean you need to improve your knowledge. We know you know the stuff – you've already passed the university courses.

What you get from CSET Study Secrets:

•    Learn about the “time traps” in CSET tests and how to avoid them.

•    Get quick responses to any questions.

•    How to see questions which “give away” the correct or incorrect responses.

•    An exact study plan.

•    Experts about test taking itself write the material.

•    Learn how to master deconstruction of test problems.

•    Learn how to guess in a test.

•    Detailed explanations about how to get started right away on your CSET test practice.

•    Efficient methods for choosing the correct answer.

•    Research from the team is original and independent.

•    “Calibration strategy” to help you set a good pace to answer questions.

•    The “phased” approach – a five step process to using study guides.

•    Sorting out procrastination.

•    How to know when you have studied enough.

•    In the final 24 hours before the test – what to do.

•    Predict the correct answer before you see the multiple choice options.

•    Seeing how test writers will trick you into choosing correct sounding options.

•    Milking the question for clues which will help you choose the correct answer.

•    What to do when you are stumped on a question.

•    How to double check your work.

CSET Test Preparation Study Guides

Always look for:

•    Writers who have fully researched the specific tests.

•    Easy to read language.

•    To the point writing – who has time for fluff and filler?

•    Addressing the study for the CSET test first, and the material second.

•    The guide should motivate you.

•    Use a guaranteed guide!

Included in the CSET Secrets study guide:

•    CSET practice questions

•    CSET test preparation – study secrets.

•    Overcoming anxiety

•    Teaching preparation

•    Financial advice for teachers

•    Written assignments for problems in the classroom

•    How to avoid the blame game in future students

•    Handling special events in schools

•    A guide on teaching secrets.