FTCE Examination

FTCE Examination

FTCE Study

This overview should help you prepare for FTCE testing. To make the most of the following sections:

1.    Self-assessment - Decide which content you need to revise. The next section includes details about the competencies you will need in each subject area.
2.    Review – Revision of the competencies which you are least familiar, from the FTCE test list of competencies.
3.    Practice – Answer test questions and learning the format of the FTCE exam. The exam format section will give you an overview of the format.
4.    Final preparation – The last section will help you to improve your exam performance.




The following are the competencies tested in the FTCE. In the test you will need knowledge of:

1.    Various types of assessments which are used to determine students abilities and needs.

2.    Effective communication with various members of the school system.

3.    Continuing improvement for yourself and the school.

4.    How to enhance critical and creative thinking in students.

5.    Learning differences in students and how these affect teaching practice.

6.    Code of Ethics for teachers

7.    Human development and learning

8.    Different reading strategies.

9.    How to create a safe and supportive learning environment.

10.    Planning and conducting lessons which fulfill the state and district standards.

11.    Collaborative strategies with other people who influence students learning.

12.    Implementing technology to assist in learning.

13.    History of education.

14.    ESOL approaches.


FTCE Exam Format


FTCE testing includes 120 multiple choice questions. These questions are divided into categories which include:


•    Sentence completion – Choose the answer which best completes the sentence.

•    Direct question – A simple question and answer multiple choice.

•    Scenario – you will be given a scenario and have to either answer a question, make a diagnosis, or select the best course of action.

•    Command – Select the best response.

Practice questions are available from many FTCE study guides.

Pass the FTCE test


•    Complete FTCE study guides – the best study guides will give you a timetable to have completed them by.

•    Make sure you are in a good frame of mind. Know what you have to do on the day to be prepared: get plenty of rest, and be alert.

•    Organize your travel arrangements before the test day. Have a good back up option.

•    The room may be heated or cooled. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a sweater to the room.

•    Don't forget:

      •    Your admission ticket.

      •    ID which is on the “Identification Policy” list.

      •    A watch.

•    Remember what you learned from your study guides:

      •    Read questions fully before you answer them. Note the details.

      •    Answer all the questions you find easy and are confident about first. Go back over the test to answer the more challenging ones.

      •    A good strategy to adopt for questions you aren't confident about is to eliminate all of the answers you are sure are wrong, then choose the answer which makes the most sense.

      •    Remember to double check your answers.