Prepare for the CSET

Prepare for the CSET

Here is some advice from people who have passed the CSET exam:

•    Use the internet to find CSET practice tests. Sample CSET tests are available from CSET.
•    Read study books which include notes and revision ideas. Some recommendations include:

•    Kaplan Study Book
•    Cliff Notes Study Book
•    The public library holds study books
•    Universities hold study books also

•    Use the UCI free online courses for math and science CSET practice.

•    For social science CSET practice:

•    CSET study should focus on economics, world religions, and California history.
•    Make sure you revise the history of California, Asia, and Africa.
•    To learn more about non-western history, pick up a 7th grade world history book.

•    At CSUS there are CSET study guides, which include practice from all teaching majors.

Pass the CSET with these websites:

•    Teaching solutions – This site offers a guarantee you will pass with the results from your tests. They have a quick program for students wanting to pass the CSET.

•    CSET Tutor – this website has multiple subject practice only. On CSET Tutor you can sign up for tutoring, study groups, and downloadable practice tests.

•    Alemeda Office of Education – Go here to sign up for workshops to pass the CBEST and CSET exams.

•    CSET Exam Overview – There is a lot on this site, including: test preparation advice, practice tests, courses, and reviews of tests.

•    Test Prep Review – There are many resources at this site for preparing for the CSET. They also have more practice questions available.

Test Taking Advice for CSET:


•    Read each question carefully before you begin answering it. Don't rush in and realize that you have wasted time answering the question wrong.

•    You won't loose marks for a wrong answer in the multiple choice section; it is better to make a best guess answer than leave it blank.

•    Spending too much time on one question will leave you less time to answer the others. It would be a shame to not be able to finish because you spent too long answering a difficult question. It is better to come back to unfinished questions later.

•    Constructed response questions will award marks for partial answers. So if you don't think that you can fully answer the question, make a good attempt at all the parts of it, as you will be rewarded for what you do get right. You may find that you knew more than you thought you did.

•    How many CSET sub-tests should you take during the same test administration? You have five hours each time, during which you are allowed to take one, two, three, or four tests. Review and analyze the test material, your preparation, your testing abilities, and deadlines for passing all the sub-tests, to decide how many to take in one sitting.

•    English is highly advised that you do not take all the sub-tests in one sitting.