Preparing for the FTCE (K-6) Examination

Preparing for the FTCE (K-6) Examination

This is all you need to know before you prepare for the Florida Teaching Certification Exam (FTCE) Kindergarten to 6th grade. This is not outdated information.

The FTCE test

The passing grade is 65%. You have 225 questions to answer in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Which means 147 have to be answered correctly.

It costs $200 to take the exam. If you have registered for the electronic exam you will find out straight away if you have passed, otherwise you will be waiting up to a month.

There are two sections to the test:

1.    125 minutes, 45 questions each on:

Language Arts and Reading

History and Social Studies

Music, Visual Arts, PE and Health

2.    135 minutes, 45 questions each on:

Science and technology


How to pass the FTCE

•    Take a full FTCE practice test 1 to 4 days before the exam. Passing it will give you more confidence. By this stage you should already know what to expect.

•    Review your FTCE study guide.

•    Get plenty of rest the night before the FTCE test.

•    Eat a breakfast which will keep you going, without making you sluggish.

•    Especially if you are doing the electronic test, so you will find out immediately if you have passed, plan to do something relaxing afterward.

FTCE study guides

Test Information Guide for FTCE SAE K-6: This comes straight from the FTCE website. There is a small FTCE practice test, many of the questions will appear on the actual exam.

FTCE Study Guide: Many of the questions in this will be on the exam, but perhaps in a slightly different format.

Elementary K-6 Online Content Review Module: You will have to create an account. This website has really helpful sections.

FTCE Elementary Education K-6 Test Practice Questions: Many of the questions will be on the actual test.

Cliffs Notes FTCE PDF:  This PDF has some free practice tests. Many of the questions will be pretty close to what you will see in the exam. Although this is the free version, so it doesn't have the same amount of content, it really does have high recommendations.

FTCE Elementary Education K-6: This book and CD is by Atkinson, R., Tattner, N.A., and Nielsen Green, B. The CD contains a full-length practice test, so you don't have to manually grade it. The format is very similar to the real thing. There are a few more scenario type questions than you may get in the test.

XAM Practice Study Guide: Some of the questions here will be the same as on the real test. However, there are many questions which are far easier than the real FTCE.

The Best Teachers' Test Preparation for the FTCE: Elementary Education K-6: This book does not have the best questions and they appear to have been loosely based on information found on the website, rather than real test questions. The book is not organized in the same way as the test. Don't waste your time with this study book.