Preparing for the NCLEX PN Exam

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a test for the licensing of nurses in the US. There are two types of NCLEX exams, the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. The NCLEX PN and the NCLEX RN are tests that are both adaptive and of variable length. Each is designed differently, NCLEX RN is for RN’s or registered nurses and NCLEX PN are for PN’s or practical nurses (however the NCLEX PN is also for VN’s or vocational nurses).

For safety reasons, to become a nurse one must graduate from a school of nursing and then become a licensed nurse only right after passing the NCLEX exam. This is the standard procedure before practicing nursing in any state of America. NCLEX tests are made and owned by the NCSBN or the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. It is advisable for future nurses to take a nurse review course in order to pass this examination since these examinations are made in such a way that can test the knowledge, skills and abilities of every entry level personnel. For safety reasons again, an aspiring nurse must have acquired an “Authorization to Test (ATT)” from your local Board of Nursing before taking the NCLEX exam.

As every would-be nurse would know, it would be highly advantageous to attend and graduate from a reputable nursing program. The sort of nursing program attended would certainly improve a nurse’s odds of passing the NCLEX exams as well as taking a nurse review course or a Teaching Solutions review. Many videos that interest a reviewing nurse can be seen and are available at Teaching Solutions. These videos, games and other such innovations have made life easier for both students and teachers.

Before taking the exam, a nurse must first understand what he or she is getting into. It is best if the nurse review the Candidate Bulletin on the NCSBN Website.  Following this, it is also ideal if an aspiring nurse would develop a study plan for a nurse review course. Teaching Solution reviews greatly increases the chances of passing the exam by helping you review all of the material needed to be covered in class in more manageable ways. As with other fields of study, it is never advisable to cram or study everything in one day or in a short period of time. This is why Teaching Solutions help a lot. Study groups help too. Pearson VUE provides textbooks and digital technologies to teachers and students across Higher Education and can help greatly hand in hand with Teaching Solutions review.

Nowadays, you can find books about almost everything. As expected, there are numerous published study guides especially made for the NCLEX exams. These guides have a series of questions that are in essence similar to the actual NCLEX exam. These guides give you an idea of what kind of questions you will encounter. Taking the NCLEX-PN exam should be the beginning of a new career and a capstone your academic achievement. Increase your chances of passing the exam by relieving yourself of stress and test anxiety. You can do this by preparing yourself for the exam before, during and after by perhaps Teaching Solutions review or self studying with books by Pearson VUE.