TExES/ExCET Exam Preparation

If you’re thinking of preparing for your TExES/ExCET test, you need to be aware that there are many aspects to field of teaching; and because the range of data and expertise you need is so varied, it may not be possible to receive the complete training you need in a short while. Even so, do follow these simple procedures before you sit for the exam.

--Check out the Texas Educator Certification website at www.texes.ets.org/prep The State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) at http://cms.texes-ets.org/prepmaterials provides the necessary requirements for registration and handbooks that will help you prepare. It also has the matter relevant to the particular test you intend to take. However, you might also need to collect study material for your TExES test study practice From other sources for more detailed knowledge that will help you pass the TExES and train as an educator.

--TExES/ExCET Study GuidesThere are many state educational institutions that provide you with the study guides you need free of cost. These guides have TExES practice test questions that educate you about the questions that can appear in the test. Every test assesses your training within an agenda keeping a particular goal in mind. Only make sure you have the latest materials to study from.

--Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)Much of the TExES/ExCET tests are based on the TEKS because prospective educators will be teaching this material in the classrooms. You can download the TEKS at www.tea.state.txs.us

--State-Adopted TextbooksYou could also study the school textbooks and teachers’ handbooks by way of reference. This information will help you prepare for and pass the TExES because you will be teaching these courses in the classes.

--Journals and Other Materials from Professional OrganizationsCheck with the relevant authoritative institution for the added material on the subject matter you will be teaching.

--College Texts, Notes, and Assignments Look for more comprehensive material that covers a wider area of the field you’re choosing for your TExES test practice.

--TExES/ExCET Exam Books

1. The Best Test Preparation for the ExCET – Examination for the Certification of Educators in TexasBy Research & Education Association-- This book will help you prepare for the tests by taking two mock complete tests taken from the ExCET Professional Development Tests.

2. Pass the TExES (PPR) by Mark Mentze—This book has material summaries, practice worksheets, and other aids that can help you study; and even a CD.

3. Barron’s How to Prepare for the ExCET (Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas: Professional Development Tests)

By Sandra Luna McCune, Mary Ella Lowe & Donnya E. Stephens

The State Board for Educator Certification recommends that you direct your study efforts at the goals outlined by the TExES/ExCET study guides.

Additional Help

Twenty Education Service Centers (ESC’s)assist prospective teachers in many ways. You could take the preparatory courses or attend the practical classes they offer for particular TExES/ExCET tests that are relevant to your area of expertise. You could also pick up manuals and any other study materials some of them provide. To find out more about them, you could visit their websites or call them.

Many universities also offer you courses that assist teachers with information on how to pass the TExES. You could also join a study group with other candidates.