TExES Secured Practice Tests

You could be getting ready to give your Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) or you could be looking to get your initial certification. You could also be a Texas educator looking to add to your qualifications with yet another certificate by passing the TExES exam.

You could choose the Region 10 Educator Preparation Program to assist with your preparation. The secured TExES practice questions we offer you are designed with the supervision of the Texas Education Agency. These TExES studyguides ensure that you are informed of any added test content that you might need to prepare for. All you need to do is—Register. Pay the required fee of $55.00. Choose the test you want to take.

After having taken the practice test, you will be given a self-scoring answer key so you can score your results. You will also be given a TExES study strategy directed at specific areas of study and the abilities you need to develop. If you’re taking the ELAR 8-12 test, you will be given a practice assignment where you will be required to formulate your own answers along with a grading system for your own use. However, the practice site will not grade your assignments for you.

Please follow these guidelines—

You will not be allowed to carry your cell phones or any other photographic devices into the testing room and since we don’t hold them for you, we must request that you don’t carry them with you.

Make sure you have the necessary pencils for your test and that you dress appropriately according to room environs.

Depending on the test you’re taking such as Math, Science, Generalist and Special Education, carry the appropriate calculator.

For the Practice Tests every Saturday—You will be allowed into the test room at 8:45 AM. Registrants must check in and sit down. The test will carry on until 2:00 PM.

For the Practice Tests every Evening—You will be allowed into the test room at 4:00 PM. Registrants must check in and take their seats. The test will carry on until 8:00 PM.

Keep in Mind:

If you are a Region 10 TPC candidate or a clinical teacher or an intern, the practice tests and reviews in your field of study are complimentary for you.

As a candidate, clinical teacher or an intern, you can register for and take the EC-12 PPR review without paying any fees. However, if you have already taken the EC-12 PPR session, you must take a practice test with a consultant within the next ten days.

In case you cannot be present for the sessions after having registered, do cancel your registration so someone else can take your place.

Below are some of the TExES practice questions we offer so you can pass the TExES exam—

Candidates looking to teach Math can choose the Mathematics 4-8and Mathematics 8-12.

If you’re looking to practice for a TExES exam to teach languages, choose the Bilingual Education Supplemental andBilingual Generalist 4-8 tests.

If English is your field of expertise, choose the English as a Second Language; SupplementalEnglish, Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) 4-8; andEnglish, Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) 8-12 tests.

Potential Science Educators can take TExES practice tests in Chemistry 8-12, Science 4-8, Science 8-12 and Life Science 8-12.

You can also TExES study for tests such as Art EC-12, Business Education 6-12, Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities EC-12, Physical Education EC-12 and many more.